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I’m Prakash Patel, a Web & Graphic Designer who works with esteemed clients in order to provide the overall vision and visual communication for their business needs. Based on the medium and platforms, I consult them about the most desired visual effects and graphic elements for their businesses. I prepare layouts and elements using multimedia software, image processing and design software to meet the client’s objectives. This includes graphic designing for the web, print and other interactive platforms as per the need of the client.

My design experience as well as my exposure to web tools give me a well-rounded approach which enables me to view my design as a part of a larger picture – to build the client’s brand. For me, graphic designing is a tool which can bridge the gap between the client and the audience. I will help you use the right visuals to tell your story and guarantee that will sell your brand to  your target market.

I specialise in working with small and medium businesses which need to expand and also reach their target audience. I love the process of working on a brand story and discover how I can make it better with my graphic design experience and knowledge. I work with e-commerce brands, design firms, marketing agencies and local businesses which need a quick turnaround and a healthy approach to their brand.

Want me to help with visual identity of your business to generate more leads? Email me at prakash@indiawebsitesolutions.com

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